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The Virtual Assistant Secret to Travel Plans

The Virtual Assistant Secret to Travel Plans

Recently, I had a friend who had a meltdown when it came to planning her summer vacation. She wanted to go someplace new, but within driving distance, and couldn’t plan her vacation amidst her busy work schedule. When you think about it, we all deserve a little free time away from the stresses of the office, but it’s a shame when you come home too tired to spend the time to adequately research your travel plans. Over the course of a week she was only able to spend an hour browsing websites Trip Advisor and Travelocity.

Here are some tips why you should use a Virtual Assistant


The secret to planning a great vacation is simple – have someone else plan it for you. Your best bet is to hire a Virtual Assistant to do this for you. I guarantee you any Virtual Assistant will find it to be a fun task to help you plan out the trip of a lifetime. Chat with one and discuss your budget, things you like to do, whether or not you plan to take the kids, and potential options nearby or abroad. Don’t get bogged down with your growing to-do list and find the help you need to take the trip of a lifetime tailored for you.


Finding the right helper to plan your trip will vary in cost, but planning vacations is one of those activities people don’t mind doing. It’s a heck of a lot better than crunching numbers! A Virtual Assistant will charge per hour like most other services, but they can be incredibly resourceful when it comes to finding things to do for your trip, car rentals, hotel bookings, and creating a daily itinerary. Need a swimsuit? Why not have a Virtual Assistant send you a few options directly to your email while you’re working in the office? How much help you want depends on you, but the possibilities are endless. Virtual Assistants exist for one reason – to make your life easier.


The purpose of a vacation is to forget your worries for a week or two. Don’t be the person on the beach spending 75% of their time on the phone making calls and checking email. Let someone else do that while you’re gone. Virtual Assistants will be happy to handle email and phone correspondence for you while you’re away. We can even arrange for a house sitter should you need your pets watched. In today’s world there is nothing we can’t do – so why worry? Don’t ruin a good trip by worrying about life at home.